DIY Succulent Terrarium

June 7, 2017

Posted in: DIY Projects and Shop

Confession: I love the current terrarium trend—but they can be so expensive! A DIY terrarium—with low-maintenance succulents—seemed like a good foray into adding some summer vibes to my home.

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DIY Mini Herb Garden

June 2, 2017

Posted in: Thrifty Kitchen, DIY Projects, and Shop

With grilling weather officially here — I wanted to put together a mini herb garden so I can freshen up my summer dishes a bit and add a little indoor foliage to my dining area.

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Good Holidays: Cookie Gifts

December 20, 2015

Posted in: Thrifty Kitchen, Holidays, DIY Projects, and Shop

Cookie gifts serve a plethora of purposes in the holiday gift-giving season. You can bake a big batch, and bring the whole thing in to share with your coworkers—or you can divvy that batch up into smaller gifts for friends, coworkers, or as your contribution to White Elephant at a holiday party. 

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Good Holidays: Scrap Fabric Garland DIY

December 16, 2015

Posted in: Holidays, DIY Projects, and Shop

If you’re looking for the easiest holiday décor Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project ever, look no further. Whether you’ve got DIY blood running in your veins, or you consider yourself artistically inept, you can knock this project out of the park. If you can rip (or cut) fabric, and tie a simple knot, you can do this! It’s a perfect project for a winter night in, or to keep the kids’ hands occupied during a movie. 

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Goodwill Craft Corner: T-shirt Scarves

August 30, 2012

Posted in: DIY Projects

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