Meeting the 2019 Glitter Gala Upcycle Designers Part I

October 8, 2019

Posted in: Fashion, Glitter Gala, Sustainability, and Volunteering

This year’s fashion show will feature garments from Goodwill stores and four local designers putting together an upcycled look with materials found at the Seattle Outlet Store. We talked to two of the designers to learn more.

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Celebrate Earth Day with Seattle Goodwill

April 3, 2019

Posted in: Contests & Giveaways, Donate, and Sustainability

Earth Day offers a day to reflect on just how much care we need to give our planet. At Seattle Goodwill sustainability is a year-round focus.

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Tidying up with Marie Kondo and Seattle Goodwill

January 17, 2019

Posted in: Donate and Sustainability

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is a new Netflix show released in the past week that’s taking the country by storm.

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Celebrate Earth Day with Seattle Goodwill, #breakup4good this April

April 2, 2018

Posted in: Contests & Giveaways, Sustainability, and Holidays

When you donate to Seattle Goodwill, you are not only improving lives through job training and education. You’re helping the environment, too! #Breakup4good with your items this month, and visit our Facebook page to enter to win giveaways April 9-20.

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Goodwill's newly-opened Sustainable Office a Great Resource for Growing Businesses

January 19, 2018

Posted in: Sustainability and Shop

Seattle Goodwill's newly-opened Sustainable Office is a great place to purchase gently used office furniture for a upstart business. The store sells office furniture ranging from chairs, desks, tables, whiteboards, etc. 

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Seattle Goodwill and Uber Seattle Team Up for a Holiday Donation Drive

December 7, 2017

Posted in: Sustainability and News Releases

On Saturday, December 9 between 10 am and 4 pm, Seattle donors can open the Uber app and request a pickup for their donations to be delivered by an Uber driver directly to a local Goodwill location, free of charge

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Tickets on sale for Seattle Goodwill’s Sustainable Sounds concert

April 14, 2017

Posted in: Sustainability

To help us celebrate Earth Day and promote sustainable practices, we’ve partnered with Seattle radio station KEXP and have enlisted the help of local bands Cataldo, Star Anna, Goodbye Heart, Acapulco Lips and Prom Queen for a fun-filled night at our Sustainable Sounds concert.

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