School Donation Drives

Raise funds for your school group

It’s easy—just sponsor a donation drive at your school by collecting reusable goods such as clothing, jewelry, household items, toys, and electronics. 

Help the environment
By donating reusable items to Goodwill, you help our environment by reducing the amount of goods going into the landfill. Last year, Seattle Goodwill recycled over 53 million pounds of materials, thanks to our donors.

Help your community
Items that are donated to Seattle Goodwill support our free job training and education programs. 

A little about Seattle Goodwill: We are a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to provide free job training and education to people facing barriers to employment. Last year, we assisted over 11,500 people, 88% of which were below the Federal Poverty Line. We placed 1,918 people who were experiencing barriers to economic opportunity in jobs.


How School Donation Drives Work

  • Seattle Goodwill brings an attended truck to your site for approximately four hours.
  • You spread the word to your supporters that Goodwill will be at your location taking donations in the days leading up to the drive.
  • We donate $500 to your cause for every 24-foot truck you fill up. We will also pay proportionately for partial truck fills.

There is no financial investment, distribution of merchandise or cash handling required by you.

For the event to be successful, you must be able to mobilize your constituency to drop off donations through outreach and communications.

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