More than 40 individuals volunteered their time at Seattle Goodwill for Day of Caring.Every September for the past 20 years, people across the country get involved with local non-profits on United Way’s Day of Caring. This year, groups from three local companies donated their work day to volunteer at Seattle Goodwill. Nordstrom, Microsoft, and Chubb & Son sent teams to help organize our retail floor, prepare Glitter Sale merchandise, and work with job training and education students to improve their interview skills. In addition to the contributions of over 40 individuals at Seattle Goodwill, 12,000 volunteers across King County donated time valued at over $1.6 million on this special day.

A large group from Nordstrom was on hand helping us prep for this year's Glitter Sale.“I’ve been involved with Day of Caring for eight years now,” said Nordstrom employee Missy Reno. “I’ve tried to be on this project a number of times—but it always fills up so fast!” For the past few years, Nordstrom has sent a Day of Caring team to help prep for our biggest sale event of the year—the Glitter Sale! Being on the Seattle Goodwill team is coveted among employees. “I’ve done the Glitter Sale for the last three years,” said team leader Pam Baker. “It’s fabulous! Every year I tried to get more involved.”
Cheryl led a volunteer group from Chubb & Son at the Seattle flagship store for Day of Caring.Chubb & Son, an insurance company, sent a group to serve on the retail floor of our Seattle flagship store. Cheryl Vessey-Prieto, an employee and leader of the group, explained why she selected Seattle Goodwill for her company’s Day of Caring project: “I chose Seattle Goodwill because it seemed like a good place to give our time—they just help so many people.” Terry, a retiree from Chubb & Son, had a unique take on what he gets out of the experience: “I get camaraderie, a chance to see old friends, and a feeling of satisfaction that you’ve done something worthwhile and you’ve contributed to the community.”
The Microsoft team volunteered on Day of Caring at the Seattle Job Training and Education Center.The Microsoft team volunteered in our Seattle Job Training and Education Center, helping students hone their skills through mock interviews. Team leader, Lisa Takimoto, has participated in Day of Caring for thirteen years—the last two at Seattle Goodwill. She mentioned how many people think of volunteering as physically demanding activity, but it isn’t always the case. “I was looking for a project where I didn’t have to go out there and swing a shovel. But I can help people with their interview skills.” Microsoft employee Harlan Harris had never volunteered at Seattle Goodwill prior to Day of Caring, and he learned a lot about the mission through his experience. After hearing more about the job training and education programs, he said, “I love the investment in people’s lives—to have people get jobs because it changes so much of the rest of their lives. What a cool opportunity to be involved in helping someone do that!”

When asked why they volunteer for Day of Caring, employees from all three companies answered the same: “It just feels good to give back.”

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