Charles Bridges volunteers at Seattle Goodwill as part of the Boeing Human Resources Career Foundations Program (HRCFP).Boeing is a longtime partner of Seattle Goodwill, and supports our work in a variety of ways. One way they support us is through a volunteer group known as the Boeing Human Resources Career Foundations Program (HRCFP), led by employee and Seattle Goodwill volunteer Charles Bridges, Boeing HRCFP participant. This partnership began in the summer of 2015 with the group helping Goodwill students prepare for an upcoming job fair, and has developed into a robust relationship, with the Boeing HRCFP leading a series of workshops that help students navigate the job pursuit process — such as resume prep, and mock interviews.
“It has continued to be a mutually beneficial partnership,” Charles said. “As human resources professionals, we are afforded an opportunity to give back to the community by doing what we love to do all while partnering with a great organization such as Goodwill and continuing to sharpen our skill sets as well.” With a team of HR professionals helping them, our students are offered the opportunity to further develop their professional skills through the job readiness workshops. “We enjoy working as a team and helping the students develop the requisite skills to accomplish their goals — so it was a natural fit to partner with Goodwill to help students prepare for prospective jobs.” he added.

Thanks to Charles and his team, over 190 students, facing multiple barriers to employment, have benefitted from the professional skills of the Boeing HRCFP. “It’s interesting to learn about the students’ background and careers that some of them had back in their native countries,” Charles stated. “I see it as a challenge to uncover and showcase those skills on a student’s resumes to highlight their transferable skills to jobs here in the United States.”

While there is certainly an exchange of practical benefits — the students are helped with their goals, and the HRCFP team gets to sharpen their professional skills — the benefits don’t end there. Charles enjoys the enthusiasm of the students. “Every session always has such a diverse group of students, and that lends itself to the overall volunteer experience,” he explained. “All of the students continually demonstrate their commitment to becoming better job candidates and it’s a reassurance for us that we’re making a positive impact.”

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