Jenet and her daughter volunteer together at Seattle Goodwill

Jenet Januto started volunteering as a PEMCO employee preparing for the annual Goodwill Glitter Gala that raises funds for free job training and education programs. “PEMCO does a lot of community outreach, which includes the opportunity to volunteer on the clock,” she remembers. “I had no idea what the Glitter Gala was, but decided to volunteer in the back room.”
She liked it so much that she continued to volunteer at the Glitter Gala and Fashion Show and each time tried a different position. Jenet inspired her daughter, Jamie, to volunteer, and this year and they both modeled in the fashion show (pictured above).

Now Jenet and her daughter volunteer at special events and in the Seattle Goodwill Vintage Fashion Collection. The vintage fashion volunteers participate as models in themed fashion shows while a narrator provides context to bring history to life. “My daughter is a teenager, and having the vintage program is time for us to share that passion – it is a connection that we share. We both like what Goodwill does for the community, and it is rewarding for me because I get to spend that time with her.” Her daughter Jamie agrees: “It’s one of the ways I get to spend time with my mom since my life is so busy with school, work and friends while supporting the mission of Goodwill. Trying on the vintage clothes is a lot of fun too.”

Jenet’s favorite part of volunteering with Goodwill is the people she connects with at the fashion shows. “I love the reaction when we go out in the community and people react to the clothes. My daughter and I like to learn about the history of the dresses and the styles.”  

Jenet and her daughter encourage others to volunteer as well. “It is just one little way that I can help and have fun at the same time, and that is why I keep coming back every year. The people at Goodwill are like my extended family – you feel like you belong, and I really like that feeling.”

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