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The impact of the current public health crisis has dramatically changed our way of life within just a few weeks. For many of the people we serve, there is no safety net to catch them in a time of crisis. With your help, Goodwill can provide support services to fulfill urgent needs like rent, food, utility bills, and medical care. We also assist people dealing with increasing job instability by helping them navigate unemployment, complete job searches, and become work-ready.

This is how we serve our community every day in normal times, but in this unprecedented situation the need is exponentially greater.

Since closing our non-profit stores in March, the funding from our retail thrift stores is no longer available. As the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to grow, the cost of responding to our neighbors with employment and support services will soon exceed our available resources. That’s why we need your support, now more than ever.

Join us right here, June 3-5, for Goodwill’s Hope & Health Video Event. Click here to RSVP.  You’ll hear from job training and education staff, Goodwill’s President & CEO, our Board Chair, and students like Tarra Simmons - former Goodwill student and lawyer. RSVP here to support Goodwill from the comfort of your home to attend and support.


Did you know that you can also increase your impact with a matching gift? Many employers double or even triple their employees' and retirees' donations. See if your company is one of them!

Thank you to our Hope & Health Fund Partners!




411 Westlake LLC

TEW Foundation

United Way of Snohomish County







The Foster Foundation

Foushée Family


Resilience Fund of the Whatcom County
Community Foundation

Starbucks Coffee Company

United Way Emergency Recovery Fund
for COVID-19

Vulcan Inc.

Wells Fargo

John Zunick and Mary Jo Gillis




Roger Atlas

Daryl Campbell & Janel Johnson

Copacino + Fujikado

Amy and Pete Hanson

George Harrison and Charlotte Pier

Cyndra Jones

Martin Smith Inc.

Linda Marzano and Julie Beall

Scott Missall and Kathryn Strobl-Missall

Amelia Ransom

Roger Rieger

H. Martin and Patricia Smith

The Tudor Foundation

Washington Alarm

Scott and Shirley Wilson



Lynn & William Adams

James Anderson

Suzanne Anderson

Nerissa Arazas

Rebecca Arbeene and Roshan Gurusinghe

Evelyn Arrigoni

Pam & Thomas Baker

Gary Barnett

Yvonne Bayles

Megan Becker

Carl and Cindy Benson

Gary Bernard

Robert and Connie Blair

Karen Boctor

Glorianne and Alexander Bora

William Brant

Kent Breidenstein

Allan Brookes

Amy Brown

Linda Bruce

Kathy and Bruce Bryant

Jan Buchanan

Margaret Buckholdt

Buffalo Export LLC

Joyce Burns

James Carlin

Maria Carney

Frances Carr

Deborah Charbonneau

William and Elizabeth Clark

Margaret Clements

Ellis andJ.Cohen

Eve Cohen

Robert Crittenden and Libby Sinclair

Carey Cross

James Crouse

Vincente Cruz

Kathryn Dahlstedt

Michael Dederer

Kathryn Dahlstedt

Dottie Delaney

Debra Devlieger and Edward Berschinksi

Jessica Dial

Joe and Sue Diehl

Lina Dogn

Rose Donner

Robert and Merline D'Souza

Wick and Sheila Dufford

Donna Dughi

Denise Dyette

Earl Ecklun

Michael Edwards and Wendi Russac

Raven Farr

James Farrell

Roger and Patricia Felton

Joy Fujihira

Betti Fujikado

Carol Furry

Nancy Garcia

Karen Garda

Patricia Gentile

Theodora Geokezas

Lane Gerber

Amanda Gericke

Cathy Gibson and Aleksei Krasnokutsky

Alan and Susan Gordon

Anne Gray

Betty Greenaway

Alyssa and Michael Grigg

Steven Guanlao

Sovan Gusack

Gina and Larry Hall

Larry Hamilton

Joan Hansen

Wendy Harper

Carol Harris

Brad and Ingrid Hartsock

Kathleen Herald

Sara Hiemstra

Joseph Hopkins

Vanessa Hostetter

Graham Hunter

Giovanna Ishiguro

John Ittes

Kenneth Johnson

Jeanne Kieffer

Hyejin Kim

John King

Libby Johnson McKee and Jonathan McKee

Victoria Johnson

Edward and Kathleen Jones

Michael Jurich and Rolando Valdepeñas

Florence Katz Burstein and Paul Burstein

Connie Ladue

Cynthia and David Lantry

Robert Leach

Craig Liebendorfer

Monika Lirio

Sally Luttrell-Montes

Michael Mabrito and Amy PickClinton Madis

John and Hanna Mahlum

George and Leslie Marble

Eniel Marjani

JeLisa Marshall

Catherine and Barry McConnell

Laruie McEachern

Betsy McFeely

Sarah McKechnie

Tammy McKenzie

Tom Melendez

David Mesenbring

Lawrence Messenger

Mohsen Mirnateghi

Eric Moe and Patricia Murphy

Lorraine Murray

Mille Myers

Tim and Karole Myers

Bao Nguyen

Craig Osburn

Shouan Pan

Caroline and Leroy Peterson

K Philip

Patricia Prophet

Miles Raymond

Troy and Gina Rector

James Reid

Beverly and Larry Ricker

Steven and Carol Ringold

Jean and Alex Ritzen

Kirk Robbins

Linda and Tom Ruggles

Craig Savage

Kerri Schroeder and Ken Jambor

Jack Seeley

Russell Segawa

Michael Sernoff

Donna Shattuck

John and Cynthia Shea

Peter and Jane Shen

J Ronald Sim

David Simpson

Merlin Simpson

Peter and Patsinell Skartvedt

Joy and Bruce Smith

Rev. Wilbert Square Sr. and Celia Square

Karen Stockert

Kathleen Sullivan

Sally Sullivan

Mark Sullo

Madelaine Thompson

William and Donna Thompson

Martha Tofferi

Stephen Triesch

David W Vandegrift

Abigail Wade

Annie and Ernest Walker

Laura and Michael Walton

Ella Ward

Nichole Waterman

Mary Weatherley

Lucas Welch

Gerald Wheeler

Nadine and Daniel Whelan

Edward White

Janice and Allen Wiesen

Frances and Huldah Williams

Jill and Richard Williams

Roxie Wilson

Marci Wing and Jeffrey Robbins

Betty Wood

Michael Jurich and Rolando Valdepeñas

Kim Yee

Sharon and William Yenter

Marian Yunghans

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