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It’s Never Too Late for College

The thought of going to college can be scary and confusing. There are also many myths about getting into college that can keep people from getting started, including:

Cost: “I hear college is really expensive, I have no way to pay for the cost.”
According to the website – there is more than $150 billion in financial aid available to help cover the cost of college for students who meet certain conditions.

Age: “I am too old to go to college now; I should have gone right after high school.”
It’s never too late to go to college! The average age of most students in King County community colleges is over 30.

Sometimes more training is needed to land a job or work in a field that interests you. Seattle Goodwill’s Career Pathways Program helps you navigate the college process and find that training. The program helps students transition into professional and technical training programs and supports them while they are enrolled in school. Community College 101 course is offered through our Seattle, Shoreline, Everett South, or Marysville Job Training Centers.

In the class you will learn about: looking at different careers, the college enrollment process, paying for college, and study skills. You also have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a College Navigator who will help you develop an education plan just for you.

If you successfully complete the Community College 101 class and enroll in college, you may be able to receive scholarships and financial support through Seattle Goodwill if you meet certain requirements. Graduates from the class have enrolled in many professional and technical training programs, including:

  • Nursing Assistant Certification Training
  • Medical Office Professional
  • Social and Human Services
  • Culinary Arts and Pastry Chef
  • Welding
  • Carpentry and Cabinet Making
  • Aerospace Composites
  •  Horticulture and Landscape design
  • Cosmetology

Reach out to a College Navigator at one of the training centers above for help navigating the college process. 

Nothing Was Easy, But That Didn’t Stop Cleave 

Six months ago Cleave Pulmano was a 23-year-old civil engineer supervising a staff of 20 in the Philippines. Then his parents and he decided to apply through the formal visa application and come to the U.S. They stayed with Cleave’s aunt until they could locate housing.

Cleave worked relentlessly for months to find a job, housing for the family, and new educational opportunities. Housing, like work, was hard to find. Cleave couldn’t get work without an apartment, and he couldn’t get an apartment without work. Then the staff at Aloha Inn - transitional housing located in a former motel in Seattle - referred them to Goodwill.

When Cleave and his parents looked over the training offered through Seattle Goodwill’s Job Training and Education programs they quickly realized it was exactly what they needed. “The computer classes were perfect for dad,” Cleave said. His parents started taking Computer Basics and ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) classes while he honed his English skills in the Writing for School & Work class. Cleave also began taking customer service and cashiering classes to fulfill his more immediate (and vital) employment goals.

Jim Blackburn, Seattle Goodwill Employment Specialist, says, “Cleave has an educational background in civil engineering, but considering his living situation, he has been looking for an entry level job to begin stabilizing things for himself and his parents.”

When you meet Cleave, one of the first things you notice is that he is hopeful, driven and focused on what’s best for his family. “Everything I do is for my parents. They did a lot for me back in the Philippines, and now I want to give back.”

Cleave’s determination is paying off. He recently secured a job and continues to work hard to reach his other goals, which include going back to college to become a doctor.

Why Digital Literacy Matters to You

Of all the skills job seekers must have today to be competitive, digital literacy is at the top of the list. Using the computer to search and apply for jobs is essential in today’s tech-driven world. Resumes are also becoming increasingly important as they replace applications for most companies. Even if the job you are applying for doesn’t require you to use a computer regularly, digital literacy is a must for daily life tasks, too, and is a skill valued by employers.

So what is digital literacy? It’s an understanding of basic computer functions and an ability to use computers and related technology efficiently, while also developing the ability to problem-solve. It can include things like navigating the Internet, doing basic word processing, or learning quickly how to use new forms of technology.

Digital literacy skills are transferrable. Those who are good at using a smart phone will find it easier to learn how to use an iPad at a cash register, for instance. Knowing how to use Facebook means online job searches are easier to understand. Keeping these skills sharp means practice, and that means dedicating time to learning and exploring.

Goodwill’s Job Training and Education Centers help people increase their digital literacy skills through skill building in word processing, spreadsheets, typing and online job search. Labs are open weekly to give students time to practice and learn. Dedicated instructors make these skills easy to master, and Employment Specialists guide students through the process of online job search and submitting applications.

By integrating digital literacy, Seattle Goodwill is transforming the way our students learn and giving them the skills they need to understand and successfully navigate in our technology-driven world.

Generous support from Comcast allows Seattle Goodwill to provide vital digital literacy access and training to help those job seekers facing significant barriers in our community find and secure employment. 

Help Determine Financial Management Programs

Managing money can be a challenge. When you are out of work, living on a tight budget to make ends meet is exhausting. After you land the job, knowing how to manage funds from a regular paycheck can really help. Seattle Goodwill wants to hear from you.

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