Danilo is a former Goodwill student who has found employment opportunity following the program.Many of Goodwill’s students immigrate to the United States and have trouble translating their native skill sets. Danilo Caceres is a perfect example. He spent a majority of his career as a police chief inspector in the Philippines. However, his credentials didn’t translate when he moved to Seattle. Danilo discovered the Retail & Customer Service Training Program while shopping at Goodwill. 

He applied, and was accepted, and started the course. After five weeks in the program, Danilo attended a Goodwill job fair and received two job offers. The next week he started working with the security team at a Sheraton Hotel. Danilo is happy to be in a role that allows him to use his former skills in a new context. 

In Danilo’s words: “Goodwill offered mentors, great employers, coaches, and peers who helped me, taught me, and restored my confidence. I’m not sure where I’d be without Goodwill’s training.”

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