Digital Equity

Goodwill is committed to promoting digital equity in our community

Digital equity is important to our community because it means that Seattle Goodwill students will have the information technology capacity needed for employment, education and access to essential services. 

In the past, Comcast supported Seattle Goodwill’s initiative to promote digital literacy in our community. This initiative focused on the resourceful use of digital technology beyond basic computing skills and navigational research skills that are becoming essential for life success in the 21st century. Digital literacy is a vital necessity for navigating the modern world, including everything from applying for a job, to researching and scheduling a doctor's appointment, to communicating with a child’s teacher. 

Digital equity takes that learning one step further by ensuring that underserved communities have the necessary access to technology in their communities. Through our continued partnership with Comcast, we will collaborate with various community based organizations to demonstrate how each organization is implementing digital equity into their programs.

Seattle Goodwill's unique training program is the first among other Goodwill organizations across the country to feature mobile devices in addition to desktop or laptop computers.

Seattle Goodwill’s work in digital equity is through job readiness training and will focus primarily on Vocational Education for Speakers of Other Languages (VESOL) – digital literacy training program.

With generous support from Comcast, Goodwill will implement a three-pronged approach to enhance their digital equity:

  1. Web-based ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) training through Rosetta Stone for students to strengthen their English language skills
  2. Point of Sale cashiering tools for equipping students for better employment opportunities
  3. Job search and employment readiness training that teach students to research and navigate the internet 

The goal is for 67 students to complete the VESOL – digital literacy training program and then to place these students into employment.

For more information about this partnership with Comcast, take a look at the Comcast Newsmakers WA videos on their YouTube channel


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