Resilient Women

Last year, over 7,750 women walked through our doors looking for an opportunity to improve their lives, support their families and build a better future. But our students often face barriers that make their journey seem daunting. With your generous contribution, Goodwill’s free Job Training and Education programs and wraparound support services will guide these incredible women toward their highest potential.

The majority of our students throughout our five-county service area are women – 58% last year. Our female students are a diverse group, speaking 77 languages. More than half of our female students are single mothers. They often have barriers like lack of access to transportation, medical care (specifically dental and vision), and need support with things like bus tickets, clothing, and education assistance. The most popular classes for our female students are English classes and computer basics. Our experienced staff meets students where they are and provides the training and support they need to get good jobs.

Join us at the Glitter Gala to celebrate the resilient women of Goodwill who — through sheer determination and hard work — have carved their own path to success. When you support Goodwill, you help people in your community achieve goals and change their lives.

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Our Mission

Goodwill provides quality, effective employment training and basic education to individuals experiencing significant barriers to economic opportunity. Because jobs change lives.






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