The Glitter Gala provides funding for Goodwill’s free Job Training and Education programs. This year the funding focus of the Gala is Critical Support Services for students. It takes more than just classes that help people get a GED, use a computer, or learn English. Critical Support Services offer students wraparound care to help meet their basic needs and remove debilitating barriers.

Critical Support Services set Goodwill students on a path to move out of poverty. Last year, Goodwill helped over 11,500 people discover their potential.

Offering Critical Support Services enables students to complete the training and attain jobs to support themselves and their families. Last year, 90% of our students who moved out of poverty received support services. 

Critical Support Services tackles barriers faced by Goodwill students that can include a lack of housing, mental health concerns, and legal issues. When students know they have a safe place to sleep at night or have access to health care and legal assistance, they can have the stability needed to get and keep a job.

Our goal is to ensure that when a student completes classes and graduates from their Goodwill program ready for employment or college, we have helped reduce the barriers for them to acquire and maintain a job.

Students that receive case management support are 3.5 times as likely to get jobs. By funding Critical Support Services, you can help transform the lives of Goodwill students.

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Our Mission

Goodwill provides quality, effective employment training and basic education to individuals experiencing significant barriers to economic opportunity. Because jobs change lives.

"With the knowledge Goodwill has gifted me with, their support and  my faith and everything, it's like I'm unstoppable at this point" -Brycen



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