Fashion Show

Runway to the Future

The collections in the Glitter Gala Fashion Show “Runway to the Future” are expertly curated by Goodwill’s Designing Producer and intern stylists. Each item was pulled from the racks of Seattle Goodwill, the Glitter Sale, and Goodwill’s Vintage Fashion Collection. Items seen on the runway will be available for purchase at the 35th annual Glitter Sale November 10-11.

Upcycle Design

Five segments of the Fashion Show will be led by a unique, upcycled garment. Five creators from the greater Seattle area shopped for raw materials at Goodwill’s Seattle Outlet to design and construct a new garment inspired by their assigned segment. These designers will utilize their talent and creativity to repurpose donated textiles and household items into works of art.

Upcycle Designers

Jordan Christianson 
Pat Dooley/UtterOtter
Kayla Frazier
Lumen Couture by Chelsea Klukas
Mark A.T.Y Sanchez

Fashion Show Hair and Makeup

Thank you to Domino Beauty Boutique for being the 2018 Glitter Gala salon partner

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