Glitter Sale FAQ

Check out these Glitter Sale Frequently Asked Questions and shopping tips!

How does the customer service number system work?
Everyone attending the sale this year gets a numbered wristband. Wristbands will be handed out to people in line for the sale around 7:00 each morning. If you arrive after 8:30, please go to the Glitter Sale table outside the store to get your number. The number doubles as your entrance to the sale AND your number to access the jewelry counter. 

How will customers be notified that their number has been called?
Frequent announcements will be made over the store PA system. Customers can also sign up to receive text messaging to track what number is being served.  Please text keyword "Goodwill123" to 91011.

Once my number is called, how long do I have to get into the Glitter Sale?
Once your number is called, you may enter the Glitter Sale at any time. 

I am bringing my child with me to the sale. Do they also need a number?
Children under 16 accompanied by an adult do not need a number; they will be admitted to the sale with the accompanying adult.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, in-state checks, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card and Seattle Goodwill Gift Cards. 

Can merchandise purchased at the Glitter Sale be returned?
Exchanges and returns on everything except jewelry can be made within seven days of purchase at any Seattle Goodwill store, excluding Goodwill Outlets. You will need the original receipt, and original tags need to be attached to the merchandise and your refund will be credited to a merchandise credit gift card. All sales on jewelry are final and are not eligible for exchange. Each piece of jewelry is unique in material and style so there is not a way to verify that it is the original piece with the Goodwill tag. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our shoppers. 

Do proceeds from the Glitter Sale benefit Goodwill?
Yes. All proceeds from the Glitter Sale directly support Seattle Goodwill’s free job training and education programs. Last year, our services assisted over 8,700 individuals get training for work.

How does the jewelry counter work?
Customers will need a number to shop at the jewelry counter. The number you received in line will be your number for admission to the jewelry counter where you will be partnered with a personal shopper. Please listen for your number to be called once you are inside the Glitter Sale room. To help us assist additional customers in a timelier manner, jewelry customers will be limited to a 30 minute personal shopping experience.  We will be happy to partner you with another personal shopper after the jewelry counter open call occurs in the afternoon.

Once I make my jewelry selection, can I take it with me?
For your convenience, once you select your jewelry purchase, we will hold it behind the counter until you are ready to check out.

Are shopping carts allowed in the sale room?
Because the sale room is so crowded, shopping carts are not allowed in the room. However, shopping bags and baskets will be available for your convenience. 

Do I have to purchase my Glitter Sale finds in the sale room?
If you are not buying jewelry in the Glitter Sale, you may purchase your Glitter merchandise at any register in the store. If you are purchasing jewelry at the Glitter Sale, you will need to use the registers in the Glitter Sale room. 

What if I find stuff to buy in the store before I go into the Glitter Sale?
The Glitter Sale area is crowded and is easiest to shop without a lot of items to carry. So, you are encouraged to purchase those items and put them in your car before going into the Glitter Sale. We are unable to hold unpurchased merchandise during the sale.

Are there any “holds” placed on merchandise in the Glitter Sale?
Sorry. Because the sale is so busy, we cannot put items on hold.

Is there any limit to how much I can purchase at the Glitter Sale?
No! Please buy as much as you want, as all proceeds benefit our free job training and education programs.

What happens to unsold merchandise after the Glitter Sale?
After the Glitter Sale, unsold merchandise is distributed to all of our stores.

Is the sale re-stocked throughout the weekend?
Yes. We re-stock the sale all weekend long, so you can shop both days and find new selections.

Are there fitting rooms in the Glitter Sale?
There are no fitting rooms in the sale room. Our shoppers tip is to wear a leotard, slip, leggings and top or a bathing suit and try your finds on over those. Because our shoppers include adult men, women, and children we discourage undressing to less than a slip.

What about bringing in purses or backpacks?
We encourage everyone to pack light. Backpacks must be checked at customer service, which will cause further delays for you in getting to the Glitter Sale to shop. Large purses are difficult to carry around and the only place to put them down when you try on clothes is by your feet. 
What about parking and storing purchases in my car?
Due to demand, parking in the lots may be limited. There is parking along side streets in the adjacent neighborhoods. If you must leave unattended items in your car, place them in your trunk where they will be more secure. Seattle Goodwill is not responsible for damage or break-ins.

Are people allowed to move in and out of the Glitter Sale and if so, how?  
Once your number has been called, you are free to move in and out of the sale, but please remember that the room has a limited capacity and others are waiting to get in, so it’s best to please complete your Glitter Sale shopping all at once. After you exit the sale, there’s still lots more shopping to enjoy within the rest of the store.

What else do I need to know to get the most out of my Glitter Sale experience?
While it may be cold or wet outside of the sale, the sale room can be very hot. We encourage you to bring some water and wear lighter layers that can be packed into a bag or vehicle prior to entering the sale. We will also have snacks for sale inside of the store and food vendors outside to help warm and fuel you up.

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