Halloween Costumes Ideas

Your Halloween Headquarter is here! Whether you’re feeling silly, scary, spooky or sweet, Seattle Goodwill stores are the ultimate source for creating your one-of-a-kind Halloween look. Choose from our great selection of new or gently used costumes at reasonable prices. Our rows of accessories and other clothing are perfect for mixing and matching to make your creation stand out from the crowd. We also carry new face make-up, wigs, hats and other accessories for those important finishing touches. You can also find costumes for your pets. Stop by any of our stores this month to check out our entire line of Halloween costumes, accessories and décor. 

See below for costume ideas

Remember, after you create your costume at Goodiwll, enter into our annual Halloween Costume Contest. Simply submit a photo of your costume for a chance to win. You can even enter your pets, in Goodwill-inspired costumes of course.

Halloween DIY Costumes

Captain America

Dark Unicorn


Mermaid Pet Costume

Westworld - Man in Black

Westworld - Delores

Dragon Pet Costume

Dark Crystal Dragon


Pirate Pet Costume


Disco Emoji

Salsa Emoji


Spider Pet Costume

Wonder Woman

Pun Batman

Star Wars Princess

Lego Boy

Lumber Pet Costume

Animal Boy

Giraffe Pet Costume

Bat Girl



Animal Girl

Bear Pet Costume

Female Unicorn

Unicorn Pet Costume

Horse Man

Devil Pet Costume


Prince Pet Costume



Taco Pet Costume

Super Boy

SpongeBob Pet Costume

Super Girl

Zombie Female

Hipster Pet Costume

Zombie Male

Lion Pet Costume
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