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Weekly Color Tag Sales: Every Thursday - Monday

Enjoy additional discounts on our already low prices! Every week, a specific color tag goes on sale. On Thursday and Friday that color tag is 30% off. On Saturday and Sunday that same color tag discount is increased to 50% off. And on Monday, the price of items with that color tag are dropped all the way down to $1.99! But don't snooze when you find a treasure. It might not make it to Monday. Don't miss out! Upcoming Color Tag Sales

Military and Senior Discount Day: First Wednesday of the Month


On the first Wednesday of the month, all active or retired military and seniors over 62 years, with a valid ID, can enjoy a 20% discount. Offers can not combine.

We need your help!

During these unprecedented circumstances, Goodwill is working tirelessly to fulfill the growing needs in our community with our free job training and education programs. That’s why we need your support, now more than ever. Please make a financial donation to the Goodwill Hope & Health Fund today! Donate today!

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